Given the recent significant increase in solar energy generation, solar panels are a good
source of renewable energy in Northern Ireland. Each year, Northern Ireland is subjected
to between 1,000 to 1,100 hours of UV light. Solar panels can provide sufficient solar
energy from the sun with this number of UV hours to run your home. Northern Ireland is
similar to the Midlands of England, whose solar PV installations have developed drastically
in recent years. Northern Ireland generated 49.3% of its electricity from renewable sources
in 2023.

When investing, it’s critical to comprehend the advantages and disadvantages of solar
energy. Recognising the technology, considering solar energy prices, picking the best solar
PV installation, and estimating the number of panels your home needs are all crucial.
Upcoming benefits like the decreased VAT rate on solar panels could lead to this increase.
This article can benefit you if you’d like to understand more about why solar panels worth
it in Northern Ireland are, including how they can benefit you.

The Reason Solar Panels Are So Common

Solar panels have grown in popularity significantly over the last 20 years among people,
businesses, and the agriculture industry. Various factors influence people’s interest in solar
energy; however, we have simplified them into three important ones.Savings: Solar panels can significantly reduce household energy bills, if not entirely remove costs. A lower energy cost implies you’ll have more money every month to spend on items you love or your family.Environment: Solar panels are most frequently purchased because they provide renewable energy that can be sold. Burning fossil fuels or oils, like oil and gas, which harm the environment, will generate less pollution if solar panels are installed.Government rewards: Government incentives to lower the cost of solar panels are assisting the technology in gaining recognition. Not to mention the large initial cost savings, an interest-free loan to further lower the cost and an STC certificate that is exchanged for cash.

How Do Solar Panels Operate?

Solar panels in Northern Ireland produce energy from the sun, just the same as solar panels
in any other weather. This includes placing solar panels on your roof or some other
suitable location, linking them to a solar inverter, and allowing them to work as an
appliance power source.It is possible to install a solar battery storage system and link your solar installation to the

grid. Among each solution, there is a range of benefits, including the chance for financial
savings, the production of renewable power, and decreased energy costs. Solar panels can
generate power even during the winter because they depend on the intensity of the light to
do so. Moreover, this implies solar panels can still create energy in gloomy weather and do
not require strong sunlight.

You should get specialist assistance on what system size is suitable for your home and find
qualified installers if you desire solar panels to operate effectively in Northern Ireland.
Because of the numerous technical concerns associated, you are not recommended to
purchase solar panels and set them on your own.

What’s the Pricing To Install Solar Panels In Northern Ireland?

It varies depending on how much it will cost to install solar panels in Northern Ireland.
These factors include the amount of energy you use each month, the number of solar panels
you want, the space available for solar panels, and whether you require a battery storage

The kind of panels, the calibre of the system, the security, and the installer’s preference will
all affect how much it will cost to install solar panels overall. To provide you with an idea,
the typical price to put solar panels on your house seems to be between £4,000 to £9,000. If
you would like to determine the exact cost of your home solar installation, it is
recommended that you speak with your supplier directly.

Are Solar Panels Worth It in Northern Ireland?

Solar panels are a worthwhile option since they have minimal environmental effects and
can reduce your energy costs. A few of the drawbacks are expensive installation costs and a
big installation area. Considering the following advantages and disadvantages when
choosing a solar energy investment would be best.


•Decreasing the expense of your electricity bill
•A form of renewable energy
•Raise the value of your property
•Good for the environment
•Various solar products are available.
•Low price of maintenance
•People can become independent of the grid
•Solar power surplus can be supplied to the grid.
•Profit from investing
•Earn government rewards
•You can save energy and use it at nighttime.
•Solar panel guarantees are very long-lasting.
•The efficiency of solar panel technology is growing.
•Solar panel prices continue to drop with time.
•There are numerous methods to use your solar panel system to power an electric
•According to studies, solar energy is the most affordable power source yet.


•Costly beginning investment.
•The size of your system varies depending on the amount of space you have.
•Sunlight is required for maximum performance.
•Solar panel production could have an impact on the environment.
•Low rate of energy conversion.
•Not suitable for usage during the night.
•At their installation site, solar panels are fixed.
•The environment could suffer if old solar panels are destroyed.
•The export restrictions might be a waste of energy.

Grants for Solar Panels in Northern Ireland

There are numerous methods to reduce the price of installing a solar panel system, even
though Northern Ireland doesn’t offer any significant solar panel grants. No solar panel
grants exist in Northern Ireland. To determine if any grants are available in your particular
region of Northern Ireland, you should contact NI Energy.

Exporting excess energy produced by your solar panels is among them. You could export to
the Action Renewables project or an electricity provider. Besides the advantages of
exporting excess energy, the latest plan gives VAT savings on installing energy-efficient
technologies. The VAT can be 5% off in Northern Ireland. To apply for the VAT reduction,
you must fulfill certain criteria.


No Northern Irish household should be without access to solar energy, one of the greatest,
if not the greatest, renewable energy sources. Are solar panels worth it in Northern
Ireland? Yes, by putting in a solar energy system, you raise the value of your home and
assist in decreasing the emissions of greenhouse gases. Environmentally friendly energy
options are here to continue, and one of the greatest favors you can perform for yourself is
to purchase solar panels.