The payment process for homeowners who sell their excess solar energy to Action Renewables typically involves a series of steps to ensure fair compensation and transparent transactions. Here’s an in-depth look at how the process unfolds:

Solar Generation:

Homeowners with solar panels installed generate electricity from sunlight. This energy is used to power the home’s electrical appliances and devices, reducing the reliance on grid-supplied electricity.

Excess Solar Energy:

If more solar power is produced than the homeowner consumes, the excess is fed back into the grid. This energy can be measured using a bi-directional meter that tracks electricity generation and consumption.

Metering and Monitoring:

Action Renewables, or the relevant energy supplier, monitor the excess solar energy exported to the grid. This is usually recorded through a smart meter or a separate export meter.

Export Tariff Agreement:

Homeowners can opt into an agreement with Action Renewables if they wish to sell their excess energy. This agreement outlines the terms and conditions and includes the pricing structure for the exported electricity.

Payment Calculation:

The payment for the excess solar energy is calculated based on the agreed tariff rate and the amount of electricity exported. The payment may be determined on a kilowatt-per-hour (kWh) basis, with the homeowner receiving compensation for the surplus energy sent to the grid.

Billing and Settlement:

Action Renewables, or the relevant energy supplier, issue a statement or invoice to the homeowner detailing the excess solar energy exported and the corresponding payment due. Homeowners may receive regular payments or credits on their energy bills for the electricity they contribute to the grid.

Payment Transfer:

Once the billing and payment details are finalised, the payment is completed through electronic funds transfer (EFT), direct deposit, or another agreed-upon payment method.

Reporting and Communication:

Homeowners are provided with regular reports on their solar generation, consumption, and export. Clear communication ensures transparency in the payment process and allows homeowners to track their contributions to renewable energy generation.

By participating in a solar energy export program with Action Renewables, homeowners can not only benefit from lower energy bills and increased energy independence but also contribute to a more sustainable energy system by sharing their surplus solar energy with the grid. The payment process outlined above facilitates the fair compensation of homeowners for their renewable energy contributions and promotes the growth of clean energy initiatives in Northern Ireland.

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