Solar panels can help you save money on energy costs while also giving you a source of income. Also, don’t worry; even on cloudy days, solar panels can create some energy, which is crucial when the weather is terrible. Homeowners with high energy bills could save huge amounts of money during the system’s lifespan. But you should be ready for a large upfront price. Discover solar panels in Northern Ireland cost.

How Much Do Solar Panels in Northern Ireland Cost?

Based on the kind and size of the overall system, a normal 250W solar panel will cost around £400 and £500 in 2022. The typical cost to install solar panels on your home is around £4,000 and £9,000. A 4kW solar panel system is among the most popular domestic sizes; it costs about £6,400 and will cover about 29 square meters of your roof. In recent years, solar energy technological advances have resulted in a significant drop in solar panel costs.

The initial installation price will often grow as your system’s capacity to produce more energy increases. On the other hand, long-term benefits will also be larger. For instance, a 3kW solar panel system will be less expensive to install, but you won’t be able to save nearly money over 25 years as you would with a 6kW system. Also, you can save money on VAT as of April 2022 due to the government’s temporary removal of the VAT on energy-efficient solutions.

How Much to Install Solar Panels In Northern Ireland Cost?

In Northern Ireland, two methods are often used to calculate the labor costs associated with installing solar panels. One option is to estimate about £300 – £500 per person daily. Usually included are the price of the solar panel system and installation. Given that two people are often needed to set up the system, the overall installation cost ranges around £600 – £1,000.

Bigger systems could take more than 1 day to install, and the cost would accordingly increase. By paying 20 pence per watt, the installation fee can be determined. In other sense, a 4 kW system would cost £800 at 20 pence for 4000 watts.

How Are Solar Panels Set Up?

There are simply 6 steps to the entire process:

Step 1: Buy the Required Solar Panel Equipment.

The panels and inverters are the two essential parts of any house solar power system. Your installer will usually advise the ideal solar panels for you, but most folks find that learning how solar panels function helps make it simpler to make that decision.

To analyze the suggested system before buying, keep in mind working with a reliable electrical engineering specialist. By doing this, you can be certain to have the system that most suits your requirements.

Step 2: There’ll Be a Visit from A Solar Installation Engineer.

As soon as an agreement is signed, an engineer will visit your home to start the installation of your solar panels. They’ll test your electrical panel or circuit breaker and ensure your roof can withstand the weight of your solar panels. Start completing papers when an engineer verifies that your house is strong enough to install solar panels.

Step 3: Complete the documents.

The complex paperwork, like solar renewable energy certificates (SRECs), PACE, and green power finance programs, should be done by your installer, but be mindful of where key papers should be filed.

Your name will be listed among the people in line for solar panel installation. Your installation will be familiar with local building permits and regulations to assist you with applying for federal and state incentives. They can complete this paperwork for you. After all your documentation is filed and verified, your installer can buy the equipment you agreed to when you signed your agreement.

Step 4: Give the Experts the Difficult Work To Do.

Solar panel installation requires just a few days. Turning solar power into usable energy includes preparing your home’s roof, installing electrical wiring, setting up racking, and installing inverters and control circuits.

Step 5: A Final Check.

New panels cannot connect to the grid unless the local government has approved their installation. The inspector will check for damaged wiring or breaches of the electrical and roof setback regulations.

Step 6: Turn It On.

A representative from your local electric provider then visits to properly connect your new solar panel installation to their grid.

Factors Influencing Solar Panel Costs in Northern Ireland

  1. Factors Influencing Solar Panel Costs in Northern Ireland

    The optimal size of a solar panel will depend on the size of the residence and the needs of each person for electricity usage. The cost of installation grows with the size of the solar panel system.

    The installation cost for a 4kW system, in general, is about £6,000. It’s also critical to remember that, in general, the cost per kW lowers as the system size grows.
  2. Panel Types

    Monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film solar panels are the three most popular kinds used for domestic applications. Despite having a greater performance, monocrystalline panels are also the most expensive. Polycrystalline can be your top pick when trying to stay within your budget.

    A polycrystalline solar panel costs about £0.90 and £1 per watt, while the more effective monocrystalline panels cost around £1 and £1.50 per watt.
  3. Setup Procedure

    The price of solar panels can be impacted by factors such as how simple the installation is, how many panels there are, how the panels are placed, and how solid the roof is. To qualify for the Smart Export Guarantee, an expert solar panel installation certification is still required.
  4. A System’s Extra Features

    If you put extra parts along with the solar panels, the equipment cost will go up; however, the installation price can go down. It is ideal for adding extra features, such as pigeon-proofing your panels or adding a solar battery storage solution, with the installation of the panels to minimize installation costs.
  5. Place and Labor Costs

    The cost of installing solar panels will often contain labor charges, but this could vary depending on where you are and how much labor costs per hour are there. Regardless of where you are in Northern Ireland, the price is often around £300 – £500 per person per day.


Before buying solar panels, it’s essential to research how much solar panels in Northern Ireland cost and what service providers are. Also, you can take advantage of all federal and state incentives.

Assess the guarantee, financing options, and cost of the item. We advise obtaining as many estimates as possible to pick the ideal price and minimize overcharges. To start looking for local solar providers, use the tool below.