Every home in Great Britain with an electrical supply is qualified for a £400 discount from the government due to the Energy Bill Support Scheme, which reduces household energy costs. The £400 reduction would be delivered over six months, from October 2022 until March 2023. During October and November, you’ll get £66; from then through March, you’ll get £67 each month. Your electricity source would cover the discount, and the Energy Bill Support Scheme is an extra benefit to the government’s Energy Price Guarantee.

The Energy Bills Support Program is a portion of the government’s bigger assistance program that assists with living costs. Regardless of how you paid for your electricity and the kind of meter you possess; you can receive every monthly discount at a precise moment and in a precise way. The savings are immediate; you don’t have to request for it or repay them.

Key Information You About The Energy Bill Support Scheme

The government has introduced the Energy Bill Support Scheme, this £400 energy bill discount in an attempt to assist British homeowners as their energy bills continue to increase due to rising energy prices. The most vital information you have to remember is:

Types of Payment Methods

  1. Smart Payment When You Go Meter
    During the first week of every month, they will immediately transfer your monthly discount as a credit to your smart meter for electricity. When they add the credit, they will get in contact to let you know. If they cannot credit your meter with the discount, they will mail you a voucher that may be used at your neighborhood Pay Point store.
  2. Standard Payment When You Go meter
    After the beginning of the month, you’ll obtain vouchers in the mail within 11 working days; however, postal strikes could cause certain vouchers to come in later than that. To fill up your gas or electricity meters or even both, you could use every voucher at a Pay Point store. Every voucher has a 90-day window from when it was given, during which it should be used.
  3. Direct Debit Payment
    3-5 days after your direct debit has been completed; they will deposit your discount as a refund directly into your account. In your next statement, you’ll have a confirmation of the discount. If you cancel or your payment is unsuccessful, there can be a delay in the discount getting credited to your account.
  4. Once Your Bill Comes, Pay It
    Your monthly discount will be credited to your energy account within the first week of the month. At the beginning of October, this will show on your monthly expenses. Although if you do not receive monthly bills, they will automatically add the savings to your energy account every month. Your upcoming bill will feature a confirmation of the discount.

The Energy Price Guarantee

The Energy Price Guarantee would limit your ability to be charged per unit of electricity or gas. The actual amount of your bill would depend upon how much energy you consume. There is no requirement for you to make an application or get in touch with your energy provider. Your energy provider would decrease the unit cost on your natural gas and electricity bills by up to 4.2p/kWh and 17p/kWh, accordingly.

More Eligible Government Programs and Perks

To qualify for some awards and perks, you must:

In the wintertime, additional aid with energy bills is offered.

Assisting in keeping your debt-free

Further Help from The Household Support Fund: By October 2021, the government established a support fund with a £500 million budget. To support customers through the wintertime, local authorities obtained financial assistance. Those needing assistance can contact their community council to obtain the necessary cash.

Direct Payments for Fuel and Third-Party Charges: If you are qualified for certain perks, you can cover your debt or energy bills over time using all these perks.


A proposed “Energy Price Guarantee” would decrease the per-unit energy costs and gas for UK households beginning on October 1st. This year, homes earning Universal Credit, Pension Credit, or Tax Credits would immediately receive a payment of £650 in two installments. Also, every house receives a reduction of £400 on their energy costs. You don’t need to apply for the program, and your bank information won’t be required either. Furthermore, because of the Energy Bill Support, every home receives a discount of £400 on their energy costs. Homes in Great Britain will enjoy a $400 energy bill discount beginning in October.

Disability benefit recipients receive a one-time payment of £150 in early September to assist with additional expenses like paying for specialized transportation or equipment. This adds to the £400 energy bill savings. Learn more about disability cost-of-living allowance.