Anyone who grew up with an immersion heater will remember the dreaded yell from their mothers…”who left the immersion on?!!!” The cost of running that immersion heater was sometimes more than the cost of my life….. But imagine being able to have hot water readily available, for free, for more than half the year!

Introducing the Smart Immersion….. here at Solar NRG NI, when installing our solar panels , we offer the smart immersion as a great accompaniment to our energy saving solutions. If you have an immersion heater then we can help you make the most of your generated power and heat your water.

The Smart immersion works by clipping a current sensor onto the electric supply cable. This sensor is used to monitor the excess energy generated by your solar panels, and instead of exported the excess energy to the grid, the energy is used to heat your water. As your panels will be generating power from as early as 4am over the sunny summer months, then you will be waking up to the luxury of hot water.